You NEED a Brand. Even if you don’t have a business of any sort. ⋆ Earth and Water

Branding is a common and hot topic amongst blogs and business owners. A brand communicates your message and intentions to your audience. It speaks to your ideal client. Keeps everything looking seamless and flowing. Builds trust between yourself and those who come to you. Good branding can grab attention.

Branding is undeniably essential and valuable when you’re creating something for others in this competitive (and superficial) world. But it can be equally as important in the average person’s life as well. You don’t need a blog or a business to benefit from a brand. Having one can streamline your life of alignment and flow when utilized properly.

When I figured out my brand, angels sang. I’m telling you, I struggled with it for YEARS before any of it made since. But once the pieces of the puzzle that is me began to take form, they spilled out of my website and social media and into my actual life.

Shopping is now easier, in a sense. I only buy clothes that check all of my branding boxes: Pink, green or grey. Floral, plain or astrological patterns only. Any words or phrases must be uplifting, inspiring and/or positive. Some sort of ethical ties must be attached to it with the exception of jeans simply because it’s impossible enough to find jeans that fit me right in person, much less online.

If it’s not on brand, I don’t buy it. This saves me money and space in my closet.

I choose books and activities in the same way. If it’s on brand, it’s worth my time and energy. If it’s not, then it’s not going to light me up and it’s going to be a waste of resources. Of course, sometimes I do things that I wouldn’t normally because that’s what my family or friends want to do and that’s definitely OK. We MUST support other people’s brands.

I’ve began trying to tie in my food intake to my branding. Opting for clean, organic, vegan or at least vegetarian, non processed foods. This one is admittedly difficult but if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know it’s something I work hard at.

  • You want to know exactly what to do next in your life? Brand yourself.
  • You want to learn to love who you are? Brand yourself.
  • Want life to be simpler and more easily flowing? Brand.
  • Wish the universe would open up for you and guide you to all of your desires in this life? BRAND.

So how do you do this branding thing?

Figuring out your brand means figuring out who you are. The fun part is finding your colors, your fonts, your feels, etc. The aesthetic that we all see on the surface. The deeper, harder levels of it is knowing your dharma (purpose), your ethical and moral values, your mission statement.

You’ll find that none of it’s particularly easy. Even picking your colors aren’t always as simple as you’d think. I went literally my entire life without a doubt in the world that my favorite color is blue and not that I’ve gotten my brand figured out, it’s primarily green and pink. I refused to wear or have anything pink for most of my life so it’s hilarious that this is the truth we’ve landed on.

I don’t want to scare you away from doing this work though. The benefits are invaluable for an easier, more successful life in all areas.

Who are you?

I’ve found myself having a lot of conversations lately on identity. Nearing our thirties, it seems a lot of my friends as well as myself are beginning to finally figure out who we are in this life.

Before you can figure life out, you have to figure yourself out and that’s exactly what a brand is. Knowing who you are and discarding the extra. You can’t have an efficient brand unless you know exactly who you are. It won’t translate.

So who are you? If you’ve ever contemplated it, you know it’s not an easy question to answer. You may like this color and that topic but do they DEFINE you? Can you even be defined? How could you expect to be contained in a well defined box when you have never met anyone exactly like yourself? Do you even want that finality?

You do, though. You do want to define yourself. It helps you accomplish goals, live life more simply, easily, aligned and flowingly. It helps you know what you want and what you don’t want. Allowing you to have more free time and less overwhelm. You see, we can do anything in this life, but not everything. This requires picking and choosing and knowing who you are, knowing your own personal brand, can help you rummage and shuffle through it all.

Figuring it out

Know that you’re creating your own, very unique and original, never seen before, one of a kind, exclusive definition and box to wear. It morphs with time too, so don’t be hesitant to choose things to put into it. You can always change it up or add more later as you discover new layers of yourself. There will ALWAYS be more layers to uncover.

The funny thing is, every time you unlock a new layer of self discovery, you’ll realize that you already, in fact, knew exactly who you were. Most of it is shedding false layers that we had dressed up in as we grew. We disguised our true self under these masks in an effort to fit in or be accepted. Unfortunately, they look a lot like our actual, real layers so figuring out which ones are which is going to take some time and introspection.

Head on over to this post to get started on introspection. If you want some personal help figuring out your own personal branding, go here and let me know.

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S.S.Blake; Confidence Coach, Yoga + Meditation Teacher and Founder of

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Savannah Shea Blake

Savannah Shea Blake

S.S.Blake; Confidence Coach, Yoga + Meditation Teacher and Founder of

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